HYLOCUR+ collagen hydrolysate for horses



  • to keep joints healthy
  • to support the biosynthesis of cartilage
  • strong effects and high acceptance

The specific feeding of collagen-hydrolyzate on a daily basis prevents and supports healthy joints. Collagen-hydrolyzate verifiably synthesises collagen within the joint cartilage. This is caused by the similarity between the collagen-hydrolyzate and the natural matrix of cartilage.

Scientists proved the 2,5 times increase of cartilage cell cultures when collagen-hydrolyzate was added.

There are also studies of vets proving the effectivity of collagen-hydrolyzate. Patients were given collagen-hydrolyzate on a course of three months. Compared to the patients without the added product a considerably formation of new cartilage-tissue has been attested!

VETtherm® HYLOCUR+ displays its positive and supportive features to keep healthiness, particularly:

  • to maintain and synthesise cartilage of stressed joints
  • prevention for race or competition horses
  • feed addition with growing young horses
  • to maintain healthiness of senior dogs´ joints

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Product no.: KHP01

VETtherm® HYLOCUR+ can be dispensed with common food on a daily basis or on a course.

Ingredients: 100% collagen-hydrolyzate (ground powder - extracted from calfskin)


Content: 500 g (enough for one month)

Feeding recommendation: daily intake of 2 table spoons a day

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Product no.: KHP01[1]
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