VETtherm® FEI YIN XU (II) Herbs for Horses

VETtherm® FEI YIN XU (II) Herbs for Horses

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VETtherm® HERBA-X. Herbal Feed Supplements in dependence on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

TCM approaches herbals in quite a different way - each herb has its specific feature in matters of:

  • Flavour
  • Thermal properties
  • Reference to inner organs

Each TCM herbal formula consists of a well-defined percentaged composition. The "monarch herbs" (herbs containing the most important features) should have the lion´s share. It is supported by the "minister herbs". Undesirable effects are improved or neutralised by the "assistant herb". The "envoy herb" finally transports the other herbs to the body part of imbalance.

Meeting these criteria created a whole new product line of feed supplements: VETtherm® HERBA-X.


Basically the TCM looks at the organs in terms of function and interaction with the other organs. This holistic point of view is referred as the "5-Organs-Network".

The metal element has to absorb the Qi (i.e. oxygen in the widest sense) from the outside. Therefore the lungs are the most sensitive organ being steadily in contact with the outer environment. This is why the lungs are strongly affected by factors coming in the system by air.

The TCM speaks of lungs as the seat of "wei-qi" (body´s defence).They have also a crucial impact on the fur, skin and mucosa.

VETtherm® FEI YIN XU (II) / Feed Supplement for horses

  • to support the upper respiratory tract (expectorant!)
  • to provide healthy skin
  • to stimulate the body´s defences

TCM Information

  • supportive effect on yin pulmonale (= lungs-yin)
  • supportive effect on wei-qi deplito (= wei-qi-emptiness)
  • diverts ventus calor (wind - heat)
  • eliminates humor and pituita (damp and mucus)
  • supportive effect on orbis lienalis (centre / element earth)

Main Ingredients: GAN CAO (radix glycyrrhizae / liquorice), DAN SHEN (salvia / sage), CHE QIANZI (folium plantaginis / buckhorn plantain), Herba Thymi (thyme), Flos Tiliae (lime blossoms)

Usage: Once a day or as needed (with common food)

Our freshly ground herbs come aroma sealed!


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